Where We Go

Where We Go

With warm water and good visibiity, Fiji offers a fabulous environment for snorkeling.

The temperatures in our seas are warm throughout the year: around 25°C (77°F) during the month May to November, and up to 30°C (86°C) in the summer. We usually go out first thing in the morning as the winds tend to get up later in the day.

We visit a number of places in our boat:

Savusavu Bay

There are a number of sites along Lesiaceva reef running out to the Lighthouse where there are magnificent coral heads and a rich marine life: angel fish, butterfly fish, schools of surgeon fish, wrasse of every type, and not infrequently a cruising reef shark. We are often asked what you should do if you see a shark, and the answer is: Be grateful that you have glimpsed one of these marvellous creatures that play such a crucial role in the ecosystem. The great diver and marine environmentalist Sylvia Earle once said that if you go out and don’t see a shark, that’s the time to be afraid!

You may see a turtle – and if you do, be selfish and just watch it, because as soon as you put your head up to tell your snorkel buddies, it will be gone.

Nestled in amongst the coral you may see blue starfish and a number of different sea cucumbers.

Savasi Lagoon

A short drive along the Hibiscus Highway past the airport are the sheltered waters of Savasi Lagoon. This is approached from the beach and although it does not have the spectacular walls and drop-offs of the other sites, its relatively shallow waters offer a wonderful opportunity to see everything close up – Christmas tree worms, clams, tiny gobis hiding in the sand, skittish chromis darting back into the safety of the coral branches, leopard sea cucumbers with their leopard-spotted skin – and, if you’re lucky, juvenile sharks.It’s a breeding ground for a number of juvenile fish including and you may well see the juvenile reindeer wrasse, the juvenile gaimard wrasse and the juvenile checkerboard wrasse. You can do this snorkel on your own, or arrange for one of our staff to take you.

Natewa Bay

We can send you out on Natewa Bay with Ocean Ventures Fiji in their custom built aluminium boat to see the spectacular corals and marine life of what is reckoned to be the largest bay in the South Pacific. The bay is relatively unknown to both snorkelers and divers as local operators have only recently started going onto it. Its corals are every bit as spectacular as those of the Great Barrier Reef for colour and diversity. The mountains around the bay provide shelter for the corals, which protect and provide habitat for a dazzling array of reef fish.

The bay is an easy 40 minutes drive from Savusavu, but it’s another world and you will appreciate it as a truly unspoilt and remote location.

If you have taken our special week long package, it’s included in the price.

Namena Marine Reserve

This small island 20 miles to the south of Savusavu is surrounded by mile after mile of unexplored reefs. Seemingly bottomless drop-offs, multi-coloured soft corals and perfect coral gardens support an abundance of marine life. This site is accessed by Jean-Michel Cousteau Dive and they aim to go there at least once a week (weather permitting). We can arrange for you to join them to have an unforgettable snorkel.