Snorkel from the beach

Snorkel from the beach and night snorkels

There are some good places that you can get to on your own from the beach.

Outside Daku Resort. There’s a small reef outside the resort – the coral is limited but there are a decent number of fish and it makes an enjoyable easy snorkel.

Night snorkel: outside Daku Resort is also a good spot for a night snorkel and we can take you out (F$25 per person) – we’ll need to go at a mid-to-high tide and we’ll only be in the water for about 20 minutes. There are plenty of crinoids and sea urchins emerging from their day-time hiding to display themselves along the reef edge.

Split Rock. 4 km along the road from Daku is Split Rock – it’s about 100 metres off shore and marked by a small buoy. Ask any taxi driver to take you there, and then collect you an hour later (or however long you want to stay). Aim to avoid low tide as it’s hard to get in.

Devodara (the Blue Lagoon). This is a long sandy beach about 20k out of town (approx. F$18 in a taxi) with a large blue lagoon. On the left side as you look towards the sea there’s some coral heads and fish life; the visibility is often poor and the coral has a lot of algal growth, but as long as you’re not thrill seeking, it makes for a pleasant easy snorkel. There are a lot of juveniles – three spot dascyllus, surge damsels, chromis, neon damsels, butterfly fish, anemone fish, cleaner wrasse, Picasso triggerfish, fire damsels. Take your time and you may spot a pipefish, and if you’re lucky a scorpion fish.

Savasi lagoon. This is not really a lagoon, more of a protected area within the reef. Take a taxi to the bus stop at the 10.1 k mark and walk through to the beach, then head out keeping Savasi island well to your right. You should aim for high tide as it gets impossibly shallow when the tide drops. Visibility is usually very good and because the area is shallow, you get close-up views of the fish. If you’re lucky, you may glimpse the juvenile sharks who use it as a nursery.